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Bayview Hill Centre Dental is a general practice dental office. We are located in the centre of Richmond Hill, a multi-cutural and vibrant community. The newly renovated medical centre includes medical doctor's offices, pharmacy, and us (the dentistry)! To your convenience, you can have all the medical services you need just in one visit! It will save you a lot of time and efforts from travelling between different medical facilities and set your mind at ease. The best thing is, all of our staff can speak either Cantonese, Mandarin, or English! There will be no language barrier for your visit and you can have your teeth fixed in seconds. You don't have to worry about insurance claim either! We will take care of it for you and send your claim right away after you receive the treatment. To save the Earth and trees, we only send electronic copies and the entire office is paper-free. 

Bayview Hill Centre Dental is dedicated in developing customized dental treatment plans for each patient that incorporated various dental examination methods, such as intra-oral and panoramic X-rays. For your health and benefits. we would like to prevent and treat your problems at an early stage. Our services include on-site X-rays and impression taking, scaling, restorative, crown and bridge, denture, endodontic treatment and so on. We are offering a great price for regular teeth cleaning as part of our grand opening sales. Please go ahead and check our Promotion page for more details or visit our Facebook page for any updates. There is a quick link at the bottom right corner that leads you to our Faceboook. 

In addition to the services listed above, Bayview Hill Centre Dental also proudly provides implant treatment, from single tooth missing to full arch reconstruction. We provide add-on services for implant patients as well, including socket augmentation, block bone graft, and sinus lift procedure when there is no enough hard and soft tissue for the fixture insertion. If you are interested in having implant treatments, please feel free to call (905-237-8891) or visit us in Richmond Hill for a detailed consultation with our dentist. You can also email us at any time ( for more information. 


For orthodontic services, we will be gladly to fix any of your misaligned teeth or your biting problems with your choice of traditional brace or invisalign treatment. Your treatment plan will be specifically designed for you according to your situation and followed-up routinely by our staff. 


Bayview Hill Centre Dental is always ready to help you with your concerns and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to our newly renovated office. We strive to provide the finest service with the most up-to date equipment in order to save you from all troubles. Most importantly, each one of you is special to us, so we value your time and business and we are honoured to be your first choice for dental treatments in Richmond Hill and the GTA.


Our dentist, Dr. Jian Ma, graduated from Beijing Medical University at 1994 and received his Bachelor of Dentistry; and then attended the Sun Yat-Sen University at 2003 for his PhD in Oncology. Dr. Ma registered with RCDSO in 2014 and practiced in the GTA area since then. Dr. Ma and his team will utilize all their experience and expertise to solve your problem as efficient as possible. 


富豪中心牙科位于安省列治文市富豪山庄社区, 2017年4月新开张的富豪中心医学中心集家庭医生、牙科、药房一体, 为患者提供一站式服务。富豪中心牙科提供英文、国语、粤语服务,接受各类牙科保险。

富豪中心提供家庭牙医服务, 包括补牙,根管,牙冠, 种植牙,正畸等治疗, 洗牙由专业洗牙师Neda提供, 假牙师张医生负责假牙制作和修复工作。

马健牙医分别毕业于北京医科大学和中山大学, 分获医学士和肿瘤学博士(口腔外科), 出生于中国广西南宁,求学于北京和广州, 喜欢加拿大平静的生活,现和太太及4个孩子住于多伦多。

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